English Language revision

English language revision is a service aimed at writers who require additional support with producing academic publications and presentations in English. This service will help you to present your work in flawless English.

The service is suitable for work originally written in English, or for work translated into English. The service is suitable for work at any stage in the publication process, from a conference presentation to a full-length publication. The English language revision service includes:

  • thorough reading of your original text, to ensure that it is coherent at the level of structure and logic;
  • any necessary revision of the English expression to ensure that it is linguistically correct, clear, and ‘native-speaker’ fluent;
  • thorough checking and revision of the text to ensure accuracy and consistency in grammar, punctuation and spelling;
  • careful finishing of the text to ensure that sentence structure and syntax are appropriate, clear and stylish;
  • (where relevant) checking of the translated text against the (original) source text to ensure the accuracy and clarity of the translation.

Please consider carefully whether the language revision or translation service is the most appropriate for your needs. Quotations can be provided in GBP (£), EUR (€) or USD ($). Please contact me to request a quotation or discuss your requirements.