Proofreading is the final stage of revision before your work is published, or before your thesis is submitted. Good proofreading is critical to ensure that your work is consistent, accurate, and as free as possible from errors.

The proofreading service is suitable for work at the final, pre-print stage, after your publication has been typeset by the publisher (if relevant), and after copy editing has taken place. Proofreading is a crucial final revision of your publisher’s proofs, or of the final version of your thesis/dissertation before it goes to be printed and bound. I will check the typescript carefully to ensure that:

  • typographical and spelling errors are highlighted and corrected;
  • English expression is clear and grammatically correct;
  • there are no errors in formatting and spacing;
  • there is consistency in usage across your work (titles, names, spelling variations, etc)

Quotations can be provided in GBP (£), EUR (€) or USD ($). Please contact me to request a quotation or discuss your requirements.