Research Assistance

Research assistance is a flexible and tailor-made service to support you in developing your research project. I offer a range of services, from simple document supply to more extensive research support.

Document supply

This service is suitable for researchers who wish to access a high-quality digitalised version of a specific document that is available in a library or archive in the Lisbon metropolitan area. The service involves:

  • travel to/from the archive or library where the document is housed;
  • sourcing of the document;
  • high-quality digital reproduction of the document, with full source reference noted;
  • electronic document delivery to your email address.

Research assistance

A more extensive research assistance service is also available on request. For example, this service may include:

  • library, database, and archive searches by topic or author and creation of reading lists;
  • Searches to locate specific documents or source materials;
  • data collection and collation;
  • production of summaries in English or Portuguese, from documents originally produced in either of those languages;
  • transcription of handwritten material in English or Portuguese;
  • interviews and/or transcription of interviews or sound recordings;
  • travel to libraries and archives beyond the Lisbon metropolitan area.

Quotations can be provided in GBP (£), EUR (€) or USD ($). Please contact me to request a quotation or discuss your requirements.