The academic translation service will provide you with a high-quality, stylish, English version of your publication or source material. This service will help you to gain greater international visibility for your work.

The translation service will ensure that your English-language publication or source material is fluent, readable and meets international publishing standards. The service includes:

  • discussion with you of the purpose of the translated document;
  • accurate translation of the document from Portuguese to English, by an English native speaker;
  • a translated document written in fluent, stylish English of an appropriate register, with consistency in use of vocabulary choices and spelling norms;
  • checking of queries directly with the author/editor, where possible;
  • any additional formatting or presentation requirements that you may have.

The translation service is suitable for work at an advanced stage of completion and of any length, from a conference presentation to a full-length book. If you need a translation for working from, rather than for publication, I can also produce summaries in English or Portuguese for documents originally produced in various European languages.

I work principally with translations from Portuguese to English, although other language combinations may be possible. Quotations can be provided in GBP (£), EUR (€) or USD ($). Please contact me to request a quotation or discuss your requirements.